Women can at times be imprisoned by the room of self-comparison.  Others have what she wants –  achievement, skill, beauty, happiness, intelligence, family, children, significant others, health, wealth…  We so easily place others on pedestals of envy.  The jail door is open, as this entrapment is self-driven.


A private room women find themselves in is their closets.  Here, their image taunts them. They are too fat, too skinny, too old, too plain, too ugly.  We are surrounded by visions of what women “should” be – glamor and beauty.  Self-examination can be a hard room to be in.


Many women find themselves in the motherhood room. It is a room defined at times with pressure and longing, grief and anticipation, hope and devastation.  It is often sterile and lonely.  Women deal with infertility, miscarriages, failed adoptions, abortions, c-sections, and vaginal deliveries to take on motherhood.

To Be Chosen

A woman is told she can do anything – be anything, achieve anything.  But still, in love, so often she has to be chosen. These women wait to be chosen by the men in power.  Some adapt to what is sought, some flaunt strengths, others grieve the waiting, knowing they won’t be picked.


A woman’s room is full of expectations. She is surrounded by responsibility of children, housework, need for educating herself, keeping up her looks, doing charity/community work, having or finding a profession, and still with far away dreams of vacation and escape.  Ultimately she is isolated and unable to fill her role.