Simple! How Kids Help Us Understand God

Many of us shy away from complex spiritual questions and concepts because the ideas seem overly complicated, irrelevant, or boring. We tell ourselves we are too busy, or not smart enough to understand. In reality, it is more simple than you can imagine. God sewed the answers into the fabric of creation, to unlock the mysteries of who he is through kids. The interactions between children and their environment, with each other, and with adults, provides the perfect place for God to reveal truth. This book takes what is familiar and relatable to be used as a springboard to dive into complicated spiritual ideas. The topics are all things we have questioned and wrestled with. Why does a loving God allow suffering? What is prayer anyway? Does God really discipline us? By using something everyone can identify with, the interactions between parents and kids, the reader will find a way to take something abstract and make it relatable. While not everyone is a parent, we have all been children at some point, which makes the examples and stories approachable. The idea of using kids to understand theology will intrigue even the most sophisticated scholar. As you read, the hope is that you will have new comprehension and enlightenment on tough topics. Secondary to your insights, the themes and stories will help you learn to use your own examples to explain God’s truth to the secular world.

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