Bible Podcast

When Covid hit, my weekly Bible Study had to shut down. I missed the practice of scripture study and missed my study group so much, I decided to record the teachings for a podcast.

This is a study on 1 John – Listen in if you want!

Chapter 10: Grace from the book "Simple…" Zon Logos – Living Word

Of all the topics and questions about faith, I think this one is the most important to fully embrace and try to understand.  The idea that you can do nothing to earn God's love, but also do nothing to take that love away is monumental.   The unconditional love parents have for their kids is a perfect place to start when thinking about grace.    Who doesn't love audiobooks!  This is a book I've written called "Simple: How Kids Help Us Understand God".  I've wanted to put it in Audiobook format and thought this would be the simplest avenue.  At this stage in my life, I am more likely to listen to a book than have time to sit and read.   Each week I will be releasing another chapter.    
  1. Chapter 10: Grace from the book "Simple…"
  2. Chapter 9: Selfishness from the book "Simple…"
  3. Chapter 8: Blessings from the book "Simple…"
  4. Chapter 7: Prayer from the book "Simple…"
  5. Chapter 6: Judgment from "Simple…"
  6. Chapter 5: Hope & Disappointment from "Simple…"
  7. Chapter 4: Free Will from the book "Simple…"
  8. Chapter 3: Discipline from the book "Simple…"