Spiritual Learning

I learn best through self-discovery and research. I don’t want to just be told information, I want to have a part in figuring out the answer.  I love that Jesus set the example of encouraging the act of digging deeper by using parables to teach.  I could spend my entire life studying the scriptures and still not be close to the end of insights, wisdom and intriguing life applications that the Bible offers.

More recently I have learned about the path of spiritual discipline. These are practices that have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It is through these practices that authentic spiritual transformation has begun in my own life.

For me it is a combination of study and diving in deep into scriptures and concepts, matched up with the practices of centering prayer, lectio divina, fasting, etc. that has been most beneficial.

Jump into some scripture artwork, listen to a bible study podcast, or watch a teaching on one of the spiritual disciplines.

I’ve also written a book processing through some theological concepts, looking at it through the eyes of adult and children relationships. You can find my book “Simple: How Kids Help us Understand God” on Amazon.