Elevator Talk

What type of personality talks to strangers in an elevator?  I take multiple elevator trips daily, and am always shocked when people talk to me.  “Boy this weather! Of course I have to pick up my sister at the airport at 5 tonight, of all days!”  I smile at the woman telling this to me before she jumps off on her floor. 

One day a woman said, “Whew, what a day!  My son was arrested last night, my husbands in the hospital and they just turned of my electricity because I was behind on the bills.” 

“Well here we go, I’m hoping today my doctor tells me my tumor has shrunk with the chemo”  A man told me prior to my stop.  

I dislike these sudden bursts of intimacy.  What am I to say to such revelations?  Usually there’s time for 1 or 2 words before the stranger and I part ways eternally.  “So sorry”, “Good luck” or “That’s rough.”   What compulsive urge is in them that causes this eruption of personal information?  Whatever it is, I lack it. 

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