Eve of Fellowship

Well, I guess it’s time to be a little more regular at this-  And perfect timing, as I start my new training tomorrow.  That’s right, I am officially done with residency. I survived what most would say are the roughest years of a doctor’s career.  Does it feel good to be done?  Absolutely.  In fact, as I am at the eve of my next life change, I recognize a different feeling within.  Instead of the typical anxious, dreadful, excitement that accompanies life changes (I.E. high school, college, med school, residency).  I finally only have excitement.  The anxiety and dread of something new and challenging is gone.

That’s for 1 huge reason-  I’m going to be doing something I love. My fellowship is in palliative medicine, so I begin a career helping people and families through the process of suffering and death.  I’m careful when I talk to people about this upcoming year- I try not to say “I’m looking forward to a good year”, because that seems kind of glib.  But I do say, “I’m looking forward to a meaningful year”.  And perhaps because I am someone who relishes meaning, that’s why I’m truly excited about this start.

So, on to a life of endings- but a huge new beginning for me –

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