There are unexplained things that happen near death. Here’s a story from this past week.  A 40ish female had been in hospice dying of lung cancer. I’ve had a chance to talk with her everyday, and watch the slow process of dying.  She made it clear in the beginning that she didn’t believe in God, and thought death was either final or perhaps we’d be reincarnated…but she definitely didn’t ascribe to any heavenly afterlife beliefs.

She started making some rapid changes indicating that things were getting closer. Hadn’t had any fluids in days, was mostly sleeping, having spells when her breathing would stop for 20 secs. I went in one morning and sat on her bed, as was custom. “How are you doing today Sally?”

With all the energy she had she’d half lift her eyes to see me and then close them to talk. “I’m doing okay” She said weakly. I just waited in silence for her to talk. She started up, “However, there’s this man that keeps coming in here.” I was surprised, “oh really?” because no one else had been in to see her that day. She continued with a frown, “Yes, he keeps asking me to come with him, to come to the other side”  She didn’t see my eyes get big.  She took a break and then went on, “I just wish he’d answer all the questions I have”.  “Who sally?” I asked still wondering about this man that was visiting her. Then she really shocked me when she said, “The Lord”.

How to explain this medically? I think there is no way.  Sally died shortly after that, perhaps finally deciding to go with that man to a better place.

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