Ignorance Bliss?

Something to ponder. 

As science advances, one of the things that will occur is the linking of cancers to choices. We know now all about the links of smoking, obesity, etc.  But, what if we’re able to pinpoint all cancer to a specific behavior?
So what?

Well, think of this.  Is it comforting to be able to assume the cancer you’re dying from is just happenstance? Perhaps it allows you to blame God? Or at least be able to blame circumstance. The responsibility is at least not yours to have to sit with, hour after hour, as your body withers. Will science take that away? We are searching for reasons, aren’t we?  But what if all the reason’s just point to ourselves?  We can’t then be mad at God or even chuck it up to LIFE… it becomes our own grief at bad choices.

What I’m not sure of is if our new information and causations will be helpful or harmful. I see a lot of guilt with certain cancers, which seems to get in the way of the dying process.  At the same time, I see a lot of blaming God for things that don’t make sense that also hinders the closure process.

Be prepared: by the time you die, you may know exactly what food you ate too much of, or what behavior you did that will be the ultimate cause of your death.  It will be interesting to know if it changes anything.

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