I’m always intrigued at the things people talk about and “see” as they get closer to death. Especially the things that are unexpected.  For instance:

There’s a sweet elderly Jewish lady at the “house” with colon cancer.  She’s still very coherent, but isn’t eating much anymore, and can’t get out of bed.  This week when I sat down for one of our regular talks she said, “Last night I went to Heaven and was told to put my arms around the 2 that loved me most”  I encouraged more by asking who those people were. “Jesus” she said matter of fact like, “He suffered so much, you know?”.  I waited a while and she continued, “God was there too.”  I asked if he said anything and she broke into such a wide and peaceful smile, “that I was well loved”

Of course people of the Jewish faith believe in Jesus as a wise teacher, but I didn’t expect him to be held as one of those who loved her the most. It gives more credibility to her vision because it’s not what you’d expect. I’m looking forward to Monday, to see if she’s had any more visits to Heaven.

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