The System

The “system” always gets flak. But sometimes, like today, it actually does good.

Candice is here dying of ovarian cancer.  Her one and only beloved son has been behind bars for much of her illness.  When Candice came to stay with us, and we knew her time was limited, a letter was sent asking permission for a last visit by her son.

And the “system” consented.

Today, dressed in orange, shackles around his wrists, and accompanied by 2 guards, the son arrived for his 2 hour visit. His mother, who has lain with eyes half open in a blank stare without a single word for the last 2 days and blood pressure readings hovering on nonexistent, became suddenly alive when he entered her room.  His hand cuffs were removed and he hovered at her bedside holding her hand as she mustered up the strength to say “I love you, I forgive you” all in one breath.

The visit was mostly silent, he crying…she hovering between here and beyond. But he made it, and she waited….just for him, so she could say goodbye.  Thank goodness the “system” allowed it to happen.

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