Night Visitor

Blake’s mom had been sick since he was born. She was diagnosed with lung cancer right as he came into the world. She went through very aggressive therapy and unfortunately began having strokes as well. Each stroke seemed to take part of her person-hood. Her husband and parents would work tirelessly to help her regain function to undergo more chemo, and then a new stroke would occur.

When I finally met Blake’s mom, she had just had her most debilitating stroke. Unable to communicate reliably, her arms and legs were contracted, so that any sips or bites were hand fed to her. She often had a blank stare leaving me to wonder if she was still in there, but the family was determined to keep her living for Blake, her 4 year old son.

She was at our hospice house for many weeks, her husband with her at night, her mom with her in the day.

This particular night Blake had spent time during the day visiting his mom, and was at home with his grandmother. Ready for their nightly routine Blake’s grandmother began looking for him, to have him call the hospice house to say goodnight to his Mom.

“Blake” she called, “time to call your mom”, repeating this several minutes before Blake finally reappeared. “Blake” she then scolded, “why didn’t you coming when I called, you love calling your mom.” Blake grinned and told his grandmother “No”, leaving her aghast at his indolence.

He then explained, “I don’t need to call tonight, because she came to see me, she told me goodnight and that she loves me”

The grandmother was now quite alarmed, calling the hospice house. Her fears realized as she learned her daughter had indeed died just a bit earlier, the husband having not even had time to call yet.

Another unexplainable moment in the world of Hospice and Palliative Care

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