The Change

I wonder when things change? At what age do we start using pills for pain? Oh sure, even with little ones we dose out Tylenol occasionally- but that’s usually for fevers and not primarily pain. When I child whimpers from a fall, or even cries out loudly with an “owie” we reach out our arms naturally to draw them to us. Who hasn’t fixed a minor scrape with a magic kiss? For those middle of the night terrors, we snuggle and bring them close. When they get anxious about trying something new, we give them a hug and gently encourage. Always though, we touch, grab them and pull them close.

Somewhere a long the way it changes. We stop touching and start medicating. Here’s a pill for the pain, a tablet for your worries… No more hugs, no more snuggles. Wouldn’t it be interesting if doctors treated patients like infants? Drew people in, instead of pushing them away with medicines. I wonder if there would be more success treating pain and anxiety if our initial response was to reach out in embrace?

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