It was a bittersweet moment. She received her acceptance letter to medical school the same week her pregnancy test read “positive”.  If there hadn’t been 2 previous miscarriages, perhaps there would have been no real decision. But, knowing that motherhood was in her blood, she boldly declined her spot.

As the years went by, her three healthy children granted her an indescribable joy. However, there was always that nagging thought, “Could I have done both?”. Her husband heard the regret often and tried his best to encourage her, but it seemed to eat into everything she did. She was convinced she’d made the wrong choice.

Then the unthinkable; she was diagnosed with an incurable cancer. Bravely she fought through the vomiting, weight loss and fatigue. Ironically, it was in the stillness of her illness that she was able to finally announce to her family resolutely, “I did make the right choice”.

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